New VIZIO 8-inch Tablet with WiFi will Support Hulu Plus


OC Metro
By Young Kim
August 31, 2011

A new 8-inch Tablet manufactured and distributed by VIZIO, the Irvine-based LCD HDTV company, will soon be used with the Hulu Plus subscription entertainment service. Users will have access to a library of TV and film content for $7.99 per month. By using Hulu Plus with the product, they will be able to select and watch a large variety of popular shows on their own schedule. 

VIZIO’s Android-based Tablet hit retailers worldwide at a price of $299. The company is promoting the product’s promise of “entertainment freedom” by giving the WiFi-enabled hardware features such as a three-speaker configuration in landscape or portrait modes, a built-in universal remote app for home theater control and an HDMI port for high-definition playback on the big screen.

According to early 2011 data from Nielsen, video streaming increased by 28 percent from last January. In addition, an estimated 45 percent of viewers are spending more time watching the videos they have selected. 

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