Three Months of Free Streaming with Hulu Plus Offered to VIZIO Tablet Buyers/Owners

Tablets Planet
October 21, 2011

Vizio has announced that they’ll be offering free three-month subscriptions for the Hulu Plus streaming service to all Vizio Tablet owners and potential buyers. The Vizio Tablet will be getting an OS update that will add the Hulu Plus application to the tablet and users will be able to start their free three month trials once they sign-up for a Hulu Plus account within the application.

Hulu Plus is the premium streaming service that free streaming company Hulu offers their customers who want to access more content through more devices for a monthly fee. Currently Hulu Plus subscriptions cost $7.99 per month with no commitments (contracts), but new users can sign-up for a free week (or month if you’ve got a .edu e-mail address).

Over a free membership the Hulu Plus service offers users access to all current season episodes from each show offered by Hulu (free users only get access to 5), you get access to High Definition (720p) streaming if it’s available, you are allowed to stream on other devices than a desktop computer, and some movies don’t have any commercial interruptions (but there is still limited advertising in shows).

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