Will VIZIO's VTAB Escalate the Android Tablet Price Wars?

By Jason Perlow July 18, 2011

At $349, Vizio’s VTAB could take Android Tablet prices to new, stomach-churning levels for the top tablet OEMs.

If you’ve been paying attention to the Android Tablet space, you’ve probably noticed there’s been something of a price war going on lately.

Recently, two major tablet manufacturers, Acer and Motorola, have adjusted their tablet street pricing in response to pricing pressure from competing manufacturers which have introduced similar devices, such as Asus and Toshiba.

Acer’s Wi-Fi 16GB Iconia A500, which recently received an Android 3.1 update, is now streeting at $399 or less and in my opinion is still a very good tablet buy.

The Wi-Fi 32GB Motorola XOOM, the very first Android Honeycomb tablet out of the gate and which is still considered to be Google’s “reference” device, recently received an upgrade to Android 3.2 and has been reduced to $499, no doubt in response to the release of the thinner $499 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

So will the price wars escalate further? I suspect they will, and even sooner than the OEMs think.

Vizio, which caused a great deal of disruption in the HDTV space a few years back by introducing value-priced but high-quality 1080p home entertainment displays appears to be doing the same thing with Android tablets.

We’ve now learned that their 4×3 aspect ratio, 8-inch VTAB1008 is going to hit the streets next month for $349.00.

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