VIZIO Tablet: Popular Due to Home Theater System at Fingertips

Thinking Clearly Daily News July 20, 2011

Well-known HDTV brand Vizio has released its very own Vizio tablet. It’s able to compete with tablets from more established computer brands like Apple, Samsung, and Toshiba. Plus, the Vizio tablet also comes with unique features that separate it from the pack of your usual tablets.

The first detail that will catch your eye when reading the Vizio’s tablet specs is its capability to act as a universal remote control for your entire home theater system. Aside from having infrared, the controls you do can be programmed into the tablet so you won’t have a hard time switching between party-use, family-use or other custom settings.

The Vizio tablet also has an HDMI port on its bottom edge which you can use in connecting your TV to the tablet. This way, any movies, shows, or other multimedia you have on your Vizio tablet can easily be watched with your TV’s bigger, high definition screen.

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