VIZIO Android Tablet Now On Sale at Retail

Technology Gadgets & Curiosities
July 23, 2011
By Kevin Schram

Low-cost HDTV manufacture VIZIO announced their entry into the tablet market back at CES, and now, they finally were recently released online. They’re 8-inch Android tablets that also can function as universal remotes for your VIZIO HDTV. If you didn’t pre-order one online, you now might find them in stores, as it’s being reported that they’re starting to pop up at retail stores.

Various reports are coming across multiple blog outlets that Costco is starting to stock the VIZIO 8-inch tablet, which isn’t being sold any other name other than VIZIO 8-inch tablet. The Costco price is actually pretty good, just $329. That’s compared to the $349 that Amazon was selling the tablet for and the $399 listed on VIZIO’s website.

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