VBR200W Blu-ray Player Offered by VIZIO - An In-depth Review

Gadgets & Mobile Phones
By Brian Burton
July 12, 2011

A High Definition TV has already become the prevailing choice in America, with more than 60 percent of families owning one. And another 12% plus intend to obtain one soon. The trend worldwide is for families to get High Definition TV. Still, a Blu-ray player is required if you want to take full advantage of your High Definition TV.The new online fad for a lot of people is to view streaming flicks and television shows. It’s already a common opinion that Blu-ray is out-of-date. Still, web streaming cannot compete with the quality you experience from viewing from a Blu-ray disc. Of course bluray is exceptional but for when you might be on the road next to nothing can beat the ability to download ipad movies

The Blu-ray players of today offer you the best of two worlds as they offer streaming services in addition to playing discs. The new Vizio VBR200W is among these modern players. It belongs to the same line of product as their previous Blu-ray players, but with additional features. The latest players come with Wi-Fi capabilities and Vizio’s Internet Apps, including the ability to make use of a wireless connection to stream films from the Web from VUDU or Netflix. The product is a compact and convenient 2.4 inches high, while the controls – touch sensitive – are placed on the usual location on the front of the Vizio VBR200W. The center front panel is the location for the disc tray, and the machine possesses a hi-tech look with its glossy black finish.

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