Three VIZIO 3D TVs to Be Introduced This Year

By Marie Cloutier July 10, 2011

Even though Vizio is relatively a newcomer to the 3D TV market, the company has already established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the global TV market. The initial 3D TV offering of Vizio was introduced in 2010 and a set of three new 3D TVs will be introduced into the market for this year by the company.

According to Randy Waynick, Vizio chief sales officer, the products of the company have been well-received by a number of industry experts and leaders in the movie industry. With the commitment of the company in providing excellent products to consumers, it was able to develop a wide range of products which have become widely available in the market today.

The latest 3D TV offering of Vizio will become part of the XVT Series, M Series and the E Series of Vizio which will feature screen sizes ranging from around 32 inches up to around 65 inches.

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