CES 2011: Vizio Enters The Tablet Arena, Looks Good!

If you don’t live in the states you may not be very familiar with one of the US’s best selling TV brands, Vizio. The company is famous for their LCD TVs and at CES 2011 they officially jumped into the tablet and smartphone business.

The new Vizio Tablet will run Android; however they weren’t specific on which version it would be. When we try to see past the completely custom Vizio skin they tossed over the Android we’re used to, it looks like 2.2 (Froyo). As a reminder of their roots, Vizio threw an IR blaster in the top of the tablet so we can use it as a universal remote! The 8” screen features a 1024x768 resolution and there’s a front facing camera, no rear camera for the new guy. A really unique feature is the stereo speaker setup, when holding the tablet in portrait mode you’ll have two speakers on top. When you turn it into landscape mode one of those speakers will turn off and a third speaker, on the other side, fills in so the stereo sound isn’t shifted to one side. They are working with SRS to make the speakers emulate a surround sound setup like the sound bars Vizio currently offers.

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