Vizio’s 2011 HDTV Line

Vizio, number one seller of LCD TVs in the US (source Isuppli Q3 2010), recently announced its 2011 line of 53 LED 2D and 3D capable HDTVs (see charts at bottom after the jump). Screen sizes will range from 16-inches to 71-inches, of which 21 models (22″-65″) are passive 3D using Patterned Retarder (link) technology

The 3D line includes three new, ultra wide aspect ratio HDTVs.

For those still not familiar with Vizio, they market and sell a line of TVs assembled by contract manufacturers.  AmTran out of Taipei, Taiwan, who also owns 23% of the company, is their main source,. Vizio products are sold in the US primarily by warehouse clubs (BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s), Target, Wal-Mart and on-line by Amazon.

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