VIZIO's Outsourcing Hits a Profitable Note

Bloomsberg Businessweek
By Rick Wartzman
July 29, 2011

Peter Drucker loved to equate managers with symphony conductors. He first used the analogy in the 1954 landmark The Practice of Management and was still making the same comparison in his last major work, Management Challenges for the 21st Century, published almost a half-century later.

Running an organization effectively, Drucker wrote in the earlier book, "requires that the manager in every one of his acts consider simultaneously the performance and results of the enterprise as a whole and the diverse activities needed to achieve synchronized performance." It is no different, Drucker explained, than the way "a conductor must always hear the whole orchestra and the second oboe."

With this image in mind, it is fitting that William Wang, the chief executive of the flat-screen television maker Vizio, has given each member of his senior team a symbolic reminder of how he’d like them to manage: a conductor’s baton.

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