VIZIO XWH200 Universal Wireless HD AV Kit Review

Big Picture Big Sound
By Rachel Cericola
August 29, 2011

If you're like me, the back of your AV cabinet is getting to be a scary sight. We love adding new electronics to the TV setup, not just for review purposes, but just for fun. What we don't love so much is the web of wires that has accumulated. It's become so out of control that even Spider-Man would fear this web. Instead of trying to weave yet another wire into that mess of cables behind the TV, VIZIO has come up with the XWH200 Universal Wireless HD Video & Audio Kit.

The XWH200 allows users to cut some of those cords, and place up to four different high-def devices far away from the TV. That means you can finally wall-mount that big, beautiful HDTV and have it look like the piece of art -- or at least a piece of art with a power cord. Whether that power wire is exposed or inside the wall, the XWH200 can make the installation a whole lot cleaner, without having to worry about visible A/V cables.

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