VIZIO 8'' Tablet Video Review - Affordable Android Tablet

Mobile Tech Review
August 11, 2011
By Lisa G

The Vizio 8" Tablet is one of the more interesting models on the market. Rather than attempting to copy or combat the iPad 2 either in form or function, it wants to be your affordable coffee table companion. It runs Android OS 2.3.3 Gingerbread with a slightly customized UI that's very newby-friendly. Vizio sees the tablet as something folks will see at Walmart and Costco, and say "hey, this isn't terribly expensive and it's easy to use too". You early adopter techie types aren't the target audience for the Vizio Tablet, but even you might find value in it's mid-sized portability and full Android capabilities. It runs the Android Market and all the core Google apps since the device is blessed by Google. 

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