Hulu Plus lands on VIZIO Tablet

August 24, 2011 By Don Reisinger

Vizio's 8-inch tablet will now support Hulu Plus, the company announced today.

According to Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae, Vizio's tablet has become "one of the first Android-powered tablets to support Hulu Plus."

Vizio launched its 8-inch tablet earlier this month. The device comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability for users to control their home entertainment devices with the built-in universal remote. The tablet also comes with an HDMI port, allowing users to push content to their HDTVs in high-definition.

Although there are several Android tablets on store shelves, one of the key selling points for Vizio's option is its price. The device is currently available for $299--substantially cheaper than some of its chief competitors, including the iPad 2, which starts at $499.

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