Before I describe the 3D performance of the XVT3D650SV, let's talk about 2D, which still is over 95% of the content available today.

This VIZIO employs edge-lit LED technology. Though it has progressed a long way in the last few years, I still prefer the quality of the direct-lit (full array) LED method (like in the VIZIO XVT473SV that I reviewed last year). And I'm still impressed with the PQ (Picture Quality) of top end plasma TVs.

I find that the direct-lit can produce deeper blacks and richer colors. But with the XVT3D650SV's Smart Dimming, the differences become less noticeable. And at this time, I don't find any manufacturers that are making 65" direct-lit TVs, though there are a few plasma models that gigantic size.

Another common advantage of a direct-lit TV, is that it tends to disperse light more evenly across the screen, resulting in no hot spots. Again, I find this edge-lit XVT3D650SV does a good job of spreading the light evenly. Is it perfect? No.

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