Grateful for Bringing People Closer

November 23, 2023

It’s gratitude season, and over here at VIZIO, we’re grateful to be able to bring people closer – no matter where they are – with VIZIOgram. While Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to bring friends and family together, sometimes it’s hard to get everyone in one place at one time. But don’t worry – with VIZIOgram you can snap photos and videos and share them to loved ones’ VIZIO Smart TVs in an instant. You can even send a whole collection of them to multiple people at once, making sure that that big spread you spent the day preparing shows up in 4K on friends and familys’ big screens. And when it’s all over, relive it all in your living room, by sending them to your own VIZIO Smart TV.

Want to know more? Check out the VIZIOgram page on our website.


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