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The most colorful
M-Series ever.

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The most colorful
M-Series ever.

The all-new 2017 VIZIO SmartCast M-Series Display is powered by XLED Plus, the next level of picture performance technology. Breathtaking images, access to unlimited content and Chromecast built-in immerse you in a world of endless entertainment.

XLED Plus Picture.

XLED Plus full-array local dimming dramatically enhances bright levels and fine tunes the precision of 4K Ultra HD for an unreal picture experience.

XHDR Plus.

Superior images from a wider color gamut, deeper blacks, vivid contrast and Dolby Vision technologies.

Chromecast built-In.

With thousands of Chromecast enabled-apps you can command your entertainment and easily stream content from your phone directly to your display.

Introducing the next level of extraordinary. Experience XHDR Plus. Ultra Color Spectrum®, 4K Ultra HD and Xtreme Black Engine Plus for premium picture performance and color in every pixel.

Standard Dynamic Range

XHDR Plus Striking Contrast.

The power of XLED Plus advances High Dynamic Range even more with impressive color depth, extreme contrast and brighter brights for a new world of visual excellence.

Without Ultra Color Spectrum
Ultra Color Spectrum

Ultra Color Spectrum® Dramatically Colorful.

With XLED Plus, experience a wider range of colors and saturation for vivid, beautiful images that stay true to the purity of the picture.

Without Xtreme Black Engine Plus
Xtreme Black Engine Plus

Xtreme Black Engine Plus Darker Blacks.

The 32 Local Dimming Zones of XLED Plus intuitively adapt brightness levels for darker, richer blacks without compromising brights.

4k Ultra HD

4k Ultra HD Astonishing Clarity.

8.3 million screen pixels form a pristine 4K Ultra HD picture with impeccable details and brilliant clarity in everything you watch.

Screen images simulated.

Spatial Scaling Engine.

VIZIO Spatial Scaling Engine technology enhances HD and Full HD content, bringing the picture closer to UHD resolution.

Created with Sketch.
Active Pixel Tuning.

Automatically adjusts color, brightness, sharpness and accuracy, down to the pixel.

Clear Action.

With Clear Action of 360, experience great stability and reduced motion blur during intense action scenes.

120 Hz Effective Refresh Rate.

The Effective Refresh Rate of up to 120 Hz achieved with backlight scanning ensures a consistently smooth picture.

The All-New VIZIO SmartCast

More Ways To

More Ways To Control.

Everything you love about VIZIO SmartCast just got smarter. The new VIZIO SmartCast TV launches apps directly from the big screen, and SmartCast Mobile allows you to browse and control your favorite content from your phone.

VIZIO SmartCast TV.

Coming this summer to all 2017 and 20161 VIZIO SmartCast Ultra HD displays, SmartCast TV features apps on the big screen for simple access to your favorite TV shows, movies and music.

TV Remote.

The new 2017 VIZIO SmartCast Displays include a SmartCast Remote2 to easily navigate your display and provide quicker access to your favorite content with direct-to-app buttons.

SmartCast Mobile.

Download VIZIO SmartCast Mobile to turn your phone into a powerful touchscreen remote with access to even more apps. Simply tap to cast content to the big screen.

Learn More About SmartCast Mobile

Chromecast built-in.

Every VIZIO SmartCast Display has Chromecast built-in. Access thousands of Chromecast-enabled apps on your mobile device and stream right to your display.

Learn How To Cast

All the apps you know and love.

With Chromecast built-in, experience endless entertainment. Discover a range of free, subscription or paid content from thousands of apps.

1,000+ Chromecast-Enabled Apps
200,000+ TV Shows & Movies
30,000,000+ Songs

Connect your device to the same Wifi network.

Tap the Cast button to send content to your VIZIO SmartCast device.

Use your voice to control your

display with Google Home.

VIZIO SmartCast works with the Gootle Assistant on devices like Google Home. Stream Netflix, YouTube and more with ease. Play, pause or turn up the volume all without lifting a finger.

Google Home
Ok Google, Watch Stranger Things from Netflix to Living Room Display Alright, Stranger Things from Netflix play on your Living Room Display

Timeless Design.

Calibrated Legs.

Simplified Remote.

Streamlined Form.

Steel Calibrated Legs.

Textured Bezel.

Pattern Trim.

Drag Drag

Smarter Products.

Simply Connected.

Connect even more with VIZIO
SmartCast Sound Bars,
and Multi-Room Speakers.

Learn More About VIZIO SmartCast

Sound Bars.

Seamlessly pair your M-Series with powerful sound. Shop a range of booming sound bar systems from 2.0 to 5.1 surround sound.

SmartCast Shop Sound Bars

Multi-Room Speakers.

Simply stream your favorite songs from your phone straight to VIZIO SmartCast Crave Speakers. Pair them for total home audio.

SmartCast Shop Multi-Room Speakers

VIZIO SmartCast M-Series Display.

XHDR Plus. Ultra Color Spectrum®. 4K Ultra HD. Xtreme Black Engine Plus. Chromecast built-in.

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XHDR. 4K Ultra HD. Xtreme Black Engine. Chromecast built-in.

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