Voice Control Compatible TV Models

HD Models

VHD24M-08, VHD32M-08

FHD Models

D24fM-K01, D32fM-K01, D32fM-K07, D40fM-K09, D43fM-K04, VFD32M-08, VFD40M-08, VFD43M-08

4K Models

V435M-K04, V505M-K09, V555M-K01, V585M-K01, V655M-K03, V655M-K04, V705M-K03, V755M-K03, V755x-K04, V435-J01, V435-J01, V505-J09, V555-J01, V585-J01 V655-J09, V705-J03, V755-J04, V706-J03, V756-J03, V506-J09, V756-J03, V4K43M-08, V4K43C-08, V4K50M-08, V4K50C-08, V4K55M-08, V4K55C-08, V4K65M-08, V4K65C-08, V4K70M-08, V4K75M-08, V4K75C-08, V4K86C-08

Quantum Models

M55Q6-L4, M65Q6-L4, M75Q6-L4, M43Q6M-K04, M55Q6M-K01, M65Q6M-K04, M70Q6M-K03, M75Q6M-K03, M50QXM-K01, M65QXM-K03, M75QXM-K03, M43Q6-J04, M50Q6-J01, M55Q6-J01, M65Q6-J09, M70Q6-J03, M75Q6-J03, M50Q7-J01, M55Q7-J01, M58Q7-J01, M65Q7-J01, M70Q7-J03, M75Q7-J03

Quantum Pro Models

VQP65C-84, VQP75C-84

P-Series Models

P65Q9-J01, P75Q9-J01, P85QX-J01, P65QX-H1, P75QX-H1, P85QX-H1

OLED Models

OLED55-H1, OLED65-H1

Button control functionality works with all VIZIO TV models including VIA, VIA+, and VIZIO Smart TVs.