Updated VIZIO SmartCast® Now Available on Company's 2021 TV Line- Up for Best-Ever Performance and Endless Entertainment

VIZIO's SmartCast experience is faster and more responsive, with more free channels and popular apps built-in, and wireless streaming features for the ultimate smart home experience.

IRVINE, Calif., June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- VIZIO, Inc., the #1 American-based TV brand1, known for delivering incredible value and performance, continues to improve the award- winning SmartCast platform. With faster navigation, more content than ever before, versatile work from home features and improved smart home functionality, it is easier than ever to stream and interact with your VIZIO TV.

Thanks to the game-changing performance of the new IQ TV processor at the heart of VIZIO's 2021 4K TV lineup, SmartCast is even snappier than before. The faster navigation lets users instantly jump in and out of the most popular apps, scroll more quickly to discover new content, and more. The hardware speed improvement for 4K 2021 models complements a recent software performance boost that is backward compatible and available to all SmartCast users with TVs dating as far back as 2016.

"We know consumers want a more powerful, fully-featured smart experience that provides quality content and gives users flexibility and control over their entertainment experience. With VIZIO SmartCast, users can stream from their TV, phone, or laptop, and use their voice to control the TV with their favorite voice assistant," said Bill Baxter, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. "This latest version of SmartCast puts your TV at the center of the smart home: it's fast, responsive, and packed with more smart features and entertainment offerings than ever before."

SmartCast delivers endless entertainment as users' favorite apps come together on one screen, including: Netflix, Disney+, Hulu2, YouTube TV, Prime Video, CBS All Access, NBC and many more. New apps are continuously being added, such as Movies Anywhere, which is now available on SmartCast TVs. Other top entertainment apps like the Apple TV app and Peacock are coming later this summer. Apps offering 4K content allow you to stream in spectacular 4K HDR with SmartCast's support for all consumer HDR formats plus audio up to thrilling Dolby Atmos sound, bringing the ultimate cinematic experience right into the living room.

In addition to having access to premium apps and services, VIZIO provides hundreds of free streaming channels, delivering the ultimate built-in entertainment value. VIZIO recently added over 70 free streaming channels directly on the SmartCast Home™ screen, meaning there's something for everyone. Movie fans will find plenty to watch with films from channels like Gravitas Movies and FilmRise Free Movies. Game show lovers can enjoy trivia with shows like Deal or No Deal and Game Show Central. The latest recipes, DIY designs and travel trends are yours with channels like Tastemade. There's plenty more with additional channels added regularly, and all of it is available right out of the box with no fees, logins, or subscriptions required. With hundreds more channels on VIZIO's WatchFree™ service offering movies, TV shows, news, sports, music and more in a convenient and familiar program guide, VIZIO provides the best in free entertainment for consumers.

VIZIO is also making it easier than ever for viewers to use their preferred smart home device with SmartCast. SmartCast provides the flexibility to choose between Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa-enabled devices. Users can now more easily integrate their VIZIO SmartCast TV with their preferred smart home system, so they can more easily control the TV with their voice, view their Google Nest camera feed on the TV, and so much more.

SmartCast users' phones become a sophisticated touchscreen remote with the redesigned SmartCast mobile app. With Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built-in users can stream entertainment from their favorite apps on their phone, tablet, or laptop to their SmartCast TV. Users who are working or teaching from home can use these features to turn their VIZIO TV into a wireless second display by streaming from their laptop to their TV so they can share, edit, and create with ease. With so many robust technology integrations, this smart TV really is the center of the smart home.

This combination of a world-class Smart TV user experience and best in class picture performance sets VIZIO SmartCast TVs apart from the competition. The latest version of SmartCast is included with all new VIZIO TVs, and is also automatically updated on VIZIO SmartCast TVs going back to 2016.

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VIZIO, the #1 American-based TV brand1 and America's #1 Sound Bar Company2, delivers innovative entertainment solutions and value for millions of connected consumers. Formed in 2002 and quickly established as a daring leader, VIZIO has built a portfolio of industry-leading products that provide brilliant, awe-inspiring experiences while incorporating seamlessly with the smart home. The company designs a collection of televisions, sound bars, and SmartCast TV with the consumer's desires in mind, and has been rated America's Fastest Growing TV Brand with Quantum Dot3 and America's Fastest Growing Sound Bar Brand with Dolby Atmos4. VIZIO product leadership is consistently highlighted by industry reviews and awards, and most recently received 30 Best of CES 2020 accolades. VIZIO products are carried by U.S. retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam's Club, Target and Walmart.

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