VIZIO’s Theater 3D Movement Gains Credibility at Retail and with Industry Experts


Irvine, CA – May 9, 2011 — VIZIO, announced today growing support from consumers and critics alike for their line of Theater 3D™ LCD HDTVs, reinforcing the company’s belief that Passive 3D technology is the future of 3D viewing. With the goal to deliver superior 3D performance for all, VIZIO has expanded the Passive Theater 3D technology in their HDTV lineup, with sizes ranging from 32 to 71 inches.  Now offering five Theater 3D models in 32”, 42”, 47” and 65” class sizes with a bright, crystal-clear, virtually flicker-free 3D picture, these TVs have become a fan favorite because crosstalk is virtually a nonissue and eyewear for watching 3D content is included with each model that is battery-free as well as lightweight, stylish and comfortable.  

“What’s exciting about VIZIO’s Theater 3D is that the technology is what works best for consumers,” said Randy Waynick, VIZIO’s Chief Sales Officer.  “Theater 3D is about user acceptance and our brand promise of Entertainment Freedom For All.  Growing sales continue to show that consumers want a high quality theater-style 3D experience without flicker and the inconveniences of cumbersome, expensive eyewear.  Positive press from industry experts and feedback from Hollywood strengthens our confidence as well.”

Better 3D Experience

VIZIO’s Passive Theater 3D technology utilizes circular polarization for superior performance boasting a better viewing experience.  Key panel technology partner LG Display refers to this as FPR (Film Patterned Retarder) technology. This approach uses Polarizer Filters that are built into the TV, meaning that viewers can use battery-free, stylish polarized glasses instead of the bulky, heavy and uncomfortable active shutter glasses used for other 3DTVs. VIZIO Theater 3D eyewear can even be used for 3D viewing in most local movie theaters.

VIZIO’s technology team was an early champion of this approach for 3D TV and was instrumental in focusing their partner’s support to meet planned market demand. 

Key Technology Partners Prepare to Support and Expect Big Things from 3D Technology 

“Shutter glass (SG) 3D technology has been criticized for picture quality problems associated with flickers and cross talks, as well as bulky, battery-operated glasses. Given these issues, consumers have been reluctant to purchase more expensive SG 3D TVs over traditional 2D models. Combined with the knowledge that consumers were comfortable with the glasses and flicker free technology, we made the decision to switch our focus and efforts to LG Display’s Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology,” stated LG Display Executive Vice President and Head of the TV Business Unit, Sang Beom Han. “Early reports from around the world including sales in the very competitive U.S. and Chinese markets give us confidence that we will meet our goals for FPR 3D.”

One of VIZIO’s strategic manufacturing partners AmTRAN Technology sees several benefits to VIZIO’s 3D plans. “We at AmTRAN believe that passive Theater 3D is the most economically efficient, easily adopted, user-friendly 3D technology,” stated Alpha Wu, AmTRAN Technology CEO. “In addition to a superior experience for the consumer with better picture quality and a comfortable viewing experience, Theater 3D offers more flexibility in the choice of LCD backlighting technology. This choice will lead to greater cost efficiency and to faster adoption of 3D in the home.”

What Industry Experts and “The 3D King of the World” Are Saying

Consumer Electronics Daily recently reported that Academy Award Winning Director and 3D trailblazer James Cameron stated at NAB, that he “is no fan of active-shutter 3D TVs, and when passive sets become a dominant product over active 3D TVs, that will mark the next big ‘threshold’ in home 3D adoption.” Cameron further explained, "Instead of having a few-hundred-dollars-a-pair of active glasses, making sure they’re all charged up and are they working and are they switched on, there’ll be a bowl of disposable — we like to say recyclable — cheap plastic glasses that work very well in decoding the image to the left and

to the right eyes. If you’re having a Super Bowl party, you’ll have a bowl on the coffee table, and if the kids sit on a pair of glasses there’s no major scold, just a minor scold. And that’s going to accelerate adoption of 3D into the home. Of course, the content is going to have to rise rapidly to meet that."

Passive 3D technology is not only receiving praise from Hollywood moguls such as Cameron, but industry experts have also been impressed by the alternative to Active 3D. Dick De Jong, of wrote in his recent review, “For me, the active vs. passive debate boils down to two factors, perceived PQ and the 3D glasses. Right now, I am not noticing a great difference in 3D PQ (picture quality) between the two technologies.” And to sum up his findings, “For now, let me say that the [VIZIO] XVT3D650SV delivers some of the most pronounced 3D effects that I have seen from a 3D TV.”

DigitalTrends reporter and analyst Rob Enderle reported on his recent VIZIO XVT3D650SV purchase, “Active shutter TVs make no sense to me because the glasses they use have to be charged, cost up to $150 a pair, tend to lose sync if you turn your head, and make me look more dorky than I already do (which isn’t easy). The depth and picture quality of my setup was impressive… In the end, while I just couldn’t get around the cost and problems with active shutter glasses, this passive shutter VIZIO system has impressed me.”

PCWorld’s CES 2011 Report from Patrick Miller included his much anticipated VIZIO Theater 3D coverage, “…I was struck more by what it lacked than what it had: specifically, it lacked that annoying flicker characteristic of active-shutter glasses, and the glasses themselves were much lighter (not to mention more stylish). The actual ‘3D-ness’ of the image was just as good as what I’d expect from an active-shutter 3D TV, and the image quality didn’t seem significantly hampered by the dimmed glasses.” In summary, “…VIZIO’s new Theater 3D TVs are promising indeed.”

Key television analysts such as Riddhi Patel of IHS iSuppli believe that consumers will have a stronger acceptance to 3D in 2011. "Global 3-D television shipments in 2011 will catapult by a spectacular 463 percent to reach 23.4 million units according to IHS iSuppli research. Sales growth is being driven partly by declining prices and the increasing choice of set sizes,” stated Riddhi Patel HIS iSuppli Principal Analyst - Television Systems. “Furthermore, brands are changing their marketing strategy to promote 3-D as a desirable feature, attracting the interest of consumers. Finally, the availability of Film Patterned Retarder or passive 3D technology will make 3-D televisions more appealing to consumers," concluded Patel.


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