VIZIO Continues to Expand the Beyond TV Product Portfolio, with Introduction of New Blu-ray Players, Sound Bars, Headphones, Wireless HD Kit, Advanced Media-Centric Wireless Internet Router and More



- High-performance Home Theater Sound Bars, from the #1 manufacturer of Sound Bars, deliver exceptional sound quality with designs that complement a wide range of HDTV sizes and premium features that include wireless subwoofers 

- Headphone models offer listening solutions for consumers from audiophiles to style-conscious listeners, with Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Home Theater Headphones, Bluetooth headphones with microphone, and high-resolution earbuds for on-the-go mobility 

- Wireless HD Kit provides freedom from unsightly cords by eliminating the need for any signal cables attached to the HDTV, delivering flawless performance with uncompressed audio and Full HD picture quality

- Universal Wireless HD Gigabit Internet Router connects any Wifi device to the Internet with optimization for streaming media, for a superior HD connected entertainment experience 

- 3D Blu-ray players with VIZIO Internet Apps® bring the 3D experience home, with high-resolution audio and streaming access to content 

-Fashionable new Theater 3D eyewear line features style and comfort, with brighter, flicker-free performance compared to Active Shutter glasses 

Irvine, CA and New York, NY (CEA Line Shows) – June 23, 2011 — VIZIO, America’s #1 LCD HDTV Company*, announced today a wide range of products that provide audio, home theater and Internet streaming solutions, all part of VIZIO’s growing Beyond TV lineup. These new additional to VIZIO’s Beyond TV product portfolio represent an expansion in categories that complement VIZIO’s industry-leading LCD HDTV lineup. As the #1 manufacturer of Home Theater Sound Bars**, VIZIO will have six models available in the market with various performance levels and options to maximize your HDTV audio experience no matter the size of your home theater room. VIZIO also offers a family of headphones that should please the public, from the audiophile to the MP3 listener on-the-go, with Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Home Theater headphones, Bluetooth Stereo headphones and Sound Isolating High Performance Ear Buds. VIZIO’s Wireless HD Kit provides freedom from cords while still delivering seamless HDMI video and audio performance. The Universal Wireless HD Gigabit Internet Router prioritizes streaming media over data transmission for fewer interruptions and better performance.  For those who want a comfortable, stylish alternative to bulky Active-Shutter 3D Eyewear, VIZIO offers a fashionable lineup that can be worn for Theater 3D viewing in the home and even at most movie theaters. 

“Our Beyond TV products have been enthusiastically accepted by consumers, who have recognized that the high-performance value of VIZIO technology is not just limited to HDTVs,” said John Schindler, VP of Product Development at VIZIO. “Our audio products have been particularly well received, and our overall success in these new categories has helped drive our development of an ever-increasing range of accessories and even more innovative products, such as our high-performance Wireless HD Kit and Wireless HD Internet routers.”

Upgraded Audio For the Ultimate HD Experience

VHT215 Home Theater Sound Bar 

Turn your room into the ultimate home theater with VIZIO’s VHT215 Home Theater Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer.  The exceptionally thin and stylish design is the perfect compliment to match ultra-thin LED LCDs that are 40 inches or larger.   Experience unsurpassed in class audio performance and connectivity options for multiple devices including two HDMI 1.4a inputs, one HDMI 1.4a output with Audio Return Channel support, and one each digital optical audio, coaxial digital audio and analog stereo inputs. 

Featuring integrated wall-mount and table-stand options for easy installation in any home theater environment, the VHT215 delivers simplicity of use with VIZIO’s acclaimed ergonomic home theater remote control and new front panel display that can easily communicate volume and input status with the press of a button.  The VHT215’s wireless capability enables freedom to place the powerful subwoofer conveniently in the room, as well as the ability to connect with any of VIZIO's Wireless HD Audio products, including Home Theater Headphones. With no physical connection, uncompressed high definition audio is transmitted between devices at distance up to 60 feet. Available in August 2011, SRP is $329.

VSB205 Home Theater Sound Bar

Perfect for HDTVs sized 32 inches and larger, the VSB205 Home Theater Sound Bar is an excellent upgrade. Featuring SRS WOW HD audio processing, which produces rich, natural bass, with incredible high-frequency definition and clarity, the Sound Bar brings powerful sound to any home theater with dual 2¾ inch drivers for each channel.

Dual analog audio inputs (both RCA and mini 3.5mm) allow for easy one-cable connection from any TV. The Sound Bar can be either table or wall mounted with included hardware, making for a compact fit. The VSB205 is currently available at an SRP of $119.

VHT510 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Home Theater with Wireless Subwoofer

A complete 5.1 channel surround sound solution, the acclaimed VHT510 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System creates the ultimate in class home theater experience. This powerful yet compact Sound Bar is ideal for HDTVs 40 inches or larger. Achieve high-definition sound from the left, center and right speakers that reside in this Sound Bar, with surround channel playback from two satellite speakers and impactful low bass produced by its wireless 6.5 inch long-throw subwoofer. This VIZIO premium surround sound system supports Dolby Digital®, DTS, SRS StudioSound HD™ and SRS TruVolume™, providing listeners a truly immersive audio experience, whether listening to music, watching television or viewing movies on Blu-ray disc.

Reducing the need for unsightly wires, the subwoofer uses Wireless HD Audio™ 2.4 GHz technology to allow convenient placement of the speaker in the home theater. The Sound Bar can send High Definition quality audio to other Wireless HD Audio compatible devices like VIZIO Home Theater Wireless Headphones. With a built-in amplifier and audio receiver, this 5.1 channel system completes any home theater with all-in-one convenience. The VHT510 has a SRP of $389 and is in stores now.

XVTHP200 Home Theater Headphones with Wireless Dock for iPod

Experience unparallel sound with VIZIO’s Active Noise Cancellation High Definition Home Theater Headphones.  The audiophile’s choice, these headphones provide true lossless audio for maximum quality from a convenient wireless or wired connection.  Professionally-tuned 40mm Neodymium drivers with integrated Dolby Digital, SRS TruSurround™ and SRS TruVolume™, enhance both stereo and surround audio sources ensuring that even the most demanding listeners will be pleased.

The base station with dock for iPod lets users enjoy the freedom of listening to music on their iPod. Part of VIZIO’s Wireless HD Audio Ecosystem, the Home Theater Headphones work together with your VIZIO Sound Bar (VHT models) to automatically re-direct sound to the activated headphones.  For folks on-the-go, VIZIO’s Active Noise Cancellation reduces background noises, helping listeners to relax and lose themselves in rich, natural sound. With a standard 3.5mm audio cable option, a built-in long-life rechargeable Lithium polymer battery, and a sleek fold and go design, the headphones are perfect for travel. For convenience, the headphones can be charged from the base station or through the provided mini-USB cable.  Available now, SRP for the headphones is $309.99.

XVTHB100 Bluetooth Headphones 

With VIZIO’s XVTHB100 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, superb audio quality for wireless music listening is just the beginning. Using Bluetooth and a built-in microphone, the headphones can connect to a laptop, mobile phone and even a VIZIO Internet Apps-enabled HDTV for telephone and video calling. Answering calls, even while listening to music, is handled with a single pushbutton click. 

High-performance 30mm Neodymium drivers take full advantage of advanced SRS sound processing to produce a rich, immersive audio listening environment. A lightweight, adjustable over-the-ear headband design makes the headphones comfortable even for extended listening sessions and telephone conversations. Rechargeable with up to 9 hours of talk time, these headphones are the perfect all-in-one source for work, play, and travel. Currently available, SRP is $99.99.

VHE211K and VHE211W Sound Isolating High Performance Earbuds with built-in Microphone

VIZIO’s Sound Isolating High Performance earbuds with built-in microphone are perfect for on-the-go entertainment and hands-free calls.  Use them with the new VIZIO Tablet, your mobile phone, or use them for video calls for superior sound quality and sound isolation to keep out distracting ambient noise. While ordinary earbuds use ceramic magnet drives, VIZIO utilizes 9mm rare-earth Neodymium dynamic drivers that are professionally tuned to produce crisp, accurate audio with powerful bass. Listeners will find themselves rediscovering their music collections, hearing notes as they were meant to be heard. 

Further improving on conventional earbuds, the VIZIO Sound Isolating High Performance earbuds are designed to insert easily and comfortably into the ear canal. Ergonomic silicone ear cushions create a tight seal within the ear, minimizing background noises and ensuring that every sonic nuance can be heard. Three pairs of in-ear cushions are provided for an optimum fit to any ear, making for a comfortable, personalized fit and exceptional low-frequency performance. Listeners that have used other earbuds will also appreciate VIZIO’s high-quality flat, tangle-resistant design that keeps the earbuds tangle to a minimum, especially important for active listeners. VIZIO’s Sound Isolating High Performance Earbuds will be available in Summer 2011 in both white and black, at an SRP of $29.99. The model number for the White version is VHE211W, and the Black version designation is VHE211K.

Stay Connected with Wireless HD Options

XWH200 Universal Wireless HD Video and Audio Kit

The XWH200 Universal Wireless HD Video and Audio Kit fulfills the longstanding dream of many HDTV owners - the elimination of signal cables connected to the set. The XWH200 transmits uncompressed full HD video and audio wirelessly to the HDTV. With no software required, up to four HDMI source components, whether they be set-top boxes, Blu-ray players or game consoles, can be connected to the remote controllable transmitter, which then sends the desired HD source wirelessly to the TV. 

Compliant with the WirelessHD™ 1.0 standard, the XWH200 operates at the 60 GHz frequency and is able to handle up to 4 Gbps of data, more than enough for 1080p Full HD and 3D. Unlike other products on the market, it does not interfere with existing wireless networks, and it’s compatible with any HDMI source including game consoles, cable/satellite boxes, Blu-ray disc players, digital media receivers and more. 

Users can now hide their A/V equipment away in a cabinet or other discrete location in the room, separate from the HDTV, which can now be the visual centerpiece of the home theater, floating clean on the wall as the customer has always envisioned. The XWH200 has an SRP of $229.99 and is available now.

XWR200 High Performance Universal Wireless HD Gigabit Internet Router

Following the rapid success and press acclaim for the XWR100 Router, VIZIO introduces an even higher level of Internet router performance with the XWR200. This Dual-Band Internet router operates in both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands to allow data transmission in the lower band while streaming media in its higher frequency band.

With higher wireless transmission speeds up to 450 + 300 Mbps, media streaming is faster than ever, and its Gigabit Ethernet capability lets media intense apps or large files function at full capacity without being limited by the network bandwidth. For use in larger homes where wireless signals may be difficult to receive away from the router, the XWR200 features additional wireless power amplifiers, and adds a third antenna for the 5 GHz band. The XWR200 is expected to hit stores in first half 2012. 

Experience Unparallel Video Playback with VIZIO Blu-ray Players and Theater 3D

VBR133 3D Blu-ray Player With VIZIO Internet Apps

The VBR133 3D Blu-ray Player brings the same stunning 3D and 2D picture quality and exceptional lossless surround sound and a powerful suite of streaming entertainment services. 1080p Full HD picture quality in 2D and 3D quality and both Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD audio technologies ensure the ultimate in audio and video performance. With access to VIZIO Internet Apps through a wired Ethernet connection, content from top online services like VUDU™, Netflix, HuluPlus™, Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube, Pandora and more is at the user’s fingertips, with instant access to an almost unlimited library of online movies, music and more. This player brings entertainment freedom and a premium home theater experience to any room. The VBR133 has an SRP of $109.99 and is in stores now.

VBR122 Blu-ray Player With Wireless VIZIO Internet Apps

The VBR122 Blu-ray Player brings stunning picture quality, exceptional lossless surround sound and a powerful suite of wireless streaming entertainment services. With access to VIZIO Internet Apps through an integrated WiFi connection, content from top online services like VUDU™, Netflix, HuluPlus™, Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube, Pandora and more is at the user’s fingertips, with instant access to an almost unlimited library of online movies, music and more. What’s more, the VBR122 delivers an industry-leading ergonomic remote control with an integrated full QWERTY keyboard to allow fast and easy searching for favorite movies, shows, actors, songs and more on the many available entertainment services.  1080p Full HD picture quality and both Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD audio technologies ensure the ultimate in audio and video performance.  This player brings entertainment freedom and a premium home theater experience to any room.  The VBR122 has an SRP of $119.99 and is in stores now.

Theater 3D Eyewear Line

VIZIO’s new line of Theater 3D eyewear is the stylish and comfortable complement to Theater 3D HDTVs. By utilizing a circular polarized 3D filter, Theater 3D moves the burden of 3D processing into the TV, allowing the Theater 3D eyewear to be free of the batteries and shutter mechanisms inherent in Active Shutter 3D TVs. In fact, Theater 3D eyewear can be used to view 3D movies in a majority of movie theaters.

Besides using more comfortable eyewear, Theater 3D offers several performance advantages over conventional Active 3D systems. Theater 3D is up to 2X brighter, has significantly less crosstalk in comparison to current Active Shutter LCD TVs, handles fast motion with less blurring, has a wider horizontal viewing angle, and eliminates the annoying flicker of Active Shutter 3D systems that often causes eye strain. 

The XPG201/202 glasses feature an attractive design with curved lenses for more comfortable viewing, premium quality optical lenses for best in class 3D experience and a high quality, durable frame. Both the XPG201 single pack and the XPG202 2-pack are available this month.

*Source: IHS iSuppli Corporation Research Q2 2011 Market Tracker Report of Q1 2011.
**Source: CEA’s Q1 2011 MarketMetrics Data

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