VIZIO and Linx B-TUBE Amp Up Home Entertainment with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Business Wire
March 17, 2010

KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today recognized the makers  of the VIZIO XVT Series TVs and the Linx B-TUBE for their innovative  wireless design utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology. These  home entertainment products are considered “Ones to Watch” by the  Bluetooth SIG because of their unique value, market possibility, and  implementation of Bluetooth wireless technology.

VIZIO XVT Series Connected HDTVs with Internet Apps (VIA)
What makes the VIZIO Internet Apps™ (VIA) TVs the One to Watch? The  picture quality is great, but this TV’s intuitive, easy-to-use Bluetooth  enabled universal remote control with sliding QWERTY keyboard really  makes the case. Users can now easily customize their Bluetooth  enabled remote to control the TV as well as other devices in the home  entertainment center. The Bluetooth connectivity in the TVs also  makes it easy to pair and use favorite accessories including Bluetooth  headsets for distraction-free listening and Bluetooth keyboards  or other controllers for gaming.

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