VIZIO rolls out dual-band 'HD' router, trio of WiFi-equipped Blu-ray players
Jun 22, 2010
By Donald Melanson

WiFi-equipped TVs may have been Vizio's big focus at CES earlier this year, but it's now expanding things to some other devices as well -- it's just announced a trio of WiFi-equipped Blu-ray players, and a dual-band 'HD" router to go along with them. That router, the XWR100, apparently earns the 'HD' designation by prioritizing HD media streamed to Vizio's VIA-enabled devices, like the company's three just-announced Blu-ray players. Those include the VBR210, VBR220 and VBR231, the latter of which is the first dual-band wireless Blu-ray player, and all of which include Vizio Internet Apps (or VIA) to stream content from Vudu, Netflix and other services. Look for the router (pictured after the break) to set you back $99.99 when it rolls out sometime in the third quarter, while the three Blu-ray players will be available this month and next for $189.99 and $199.99. Head on past the break for the full press release.

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