VIZIO enters the 3D HDTV arena at CEA Line shows
June 22, 2010
Erik Beljan

Vizio becomes the latest manufacturer to jump on the 3D bandwagon by announcing they plan to show their 3D HDTVs at CEA Line Shows in New York City which starts today. The sets will be 42, 47" and 55" featuring LED backlights, with "Smart Dimming" technology. Localized dimming helps improve the contrast ratio of the display and yields a better image. They will also incorporate Vizio's wireless connectivity features to connect to devices such as set top boxes and Blu-ray players. They will also sport high refresh rates (480hz) which in conjunction with the 3D will allow smooth motion as well as Vizio's internet connectivity features. These sets are not expected to arrive until the 4th quarter. Since MSRPs have not been released it is hard to determine how these sets will stack up against currently available Samsung and Panasonic sets as well as the forthcoming LG and Sony sets.

Whether or not the high refresh rate will help in practice remains to be seen until the actual product arrives on store shelves. 3D sets I've demoed can have motion blur at the currently common refresh rates especially in panning shots whether its from the shutter rates of the glasses or from the panel in the TV itself. Hopefully the upgrade to 480hz eliminates this problem.

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