VIZIO Shuns Pricey Glasses with Passive 3D HDTV

Electronic HOuse
June 16, 2010
By: Julie Jacobson

Most 3D TVs for the home market today require adding active glasses that cost $150 to $200 per pair (after the one or two pairs that may be included with your TV purchase). But Vizio plans to introduce a passive 3D HDTV display that can be enjoyed with cheap polarized specs.

JVC also offers a passive 3D monitor (our review), sold through its Pro division, but as HD Guru Gary Merson explains, “It is a pro monitor (no tuner), not an HDTV. This [Vizio] is the first passive 3D HDTV flat panel announced to be sold here.”

Here’s the teaser from Vizio:

VIZIO will showcase two 3D televisions that demonstrate Active and Passive 3D HDTV solutions. The 55” TruLED Active 3D HDTV incorporates a frame sequential display and active-shutter glasses that work together with VIZIO’s 480Hz SPS high frame rate technology for amazing FullHD 3D images. The VIZIO 65” Passive 3D HDTV produces stunning images thanks to less expensive polarized glasses, which offer greater style and comfort.

Critics argue that passive solutions can’t give you the full resolution as an Active 3D display.

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