VIZIO at CES: Dump your ‘Dumb TV’ for a Smart One

Tube Filter News
January 14, 2010
By Pam Kulik

VIZIO believes that consumers will stop buying “dumb TV’s” and start buying smart ones that are Internet connected. We talked to Matt McRae, VP of VIZIO, at the Consumer Electronic Show (above) to learn more about their new Internet connected HDTVs, the VIZIO TV app store (yes, a TV app store!) and content partners, which include, Revision3, CinemaNow, Showtime, CBS, CNBC, NBC and others.

Imagine watching your favorite Web TV shows streamed directly to your TV set – with no set-top boxes. Just connect your DSL cable to the back of the TV (unless you have a VIZIO XVT Series HDTV that has built-in Wi-Fi) and you’re ready to kick back and enjoy! Welcome to the new world of Internet connected TVs. A variety of these TVs started appearing in stores in 2009 and TV manufacturers from VIZIO to Sony and Samsung are counting on Internet connectivity to appeal to audiences who want to merge their enjoyment of quality Web shows, videos and social networking applications such as Twitter, with broadcast shows through their TV sets. VIZIO’s Internet connected sets also come with a nifty Bluetooth universal remote with a cool slide out QWERTY keyboard for easy searching and interacting with Internet apps.

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