News From CES 2010: VIZIO Goes Real Wide!
January 10, 2010
By Robert Silva

One of the most interesting exhibitors at CES 2010 was the popular upstart TV maker Vizio.

Foregoing the exhibit hall, Vizio took up temporary residence in a large conference room at the Wynn Hotel and showed off numerous products. Among the products shown at the Vizio exhibit was an extensive new line of LED backlight LCD TVs, two new soundbar systems, a new Blu-ray Disc player, its new Internet Apps for TVs, a 3D-enabled LCD TV, and the most unexpected entry, a widescreen 21:9 aspect ratio TV that is expected to be available later this year. Why a 21:9 aspect ratio TV? Not only does it eliminate black bars on extremely widescreen movies, but you can easily display a full 4:3 or 16:9 image on part of the screen surface and also display internet apps and other functions on the remaining screen space at the same time. For more details, read Vizio's official CES announcement. Also, to bolster its advertising campaign, Vizio has hired Beyonce Knowles. Photo (c) Robert Silva - Licensed to