Vizio’s monstrous 65-inch Class Theater 3D uses passive glasses

Most people can't get over the bulky, dim, battery-dependent glasses that come with 3D TVs. Now Vizio claims they don't have to.

3D TV is off to a shaky start. Sales have been somewhat disappointing, ESPN is apparently unsure about continuing its 3D coverage, and most of all, consumers just can’t get used to those glasses. Which is why Vizio’s recent announcement has piqued some interest.

Today the company announced its new 65-inch Class Theater 3D Edge Lit Ravor LED LCD HDTV. It looks to be a remarkable piece of equipment that even comes with built-in Wi-Fi and an app store. Vizio also claims the TV’s screen is ultra bright in comparison to other 3D models. And while these initial specs sound impressive, the real selling point is its take on the dreaded 3D glasses. To read more of this article, please click here