DisplaySearch Announces Preliminary Agenda for Taiwan TV Supply Chain Conference

October 8, 2009

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, October 8, 2009—DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in display market research and consulting, today announced the agenda for its TV Supply Chain Conference to be held at the Taipei International Convention Center on November 13, 2009. The event will feature sessions on the FPD TV Market and Supply Chain, Winning Features and Technical Trends, and Evolution in Wireless & A/V Multimedia.

“The severe economic situation last year had a devastating impact on the FPD TV supply chain,” noted David Hsieh, DisplaySearch Vice President of the Greater China Market. “Just a few years ago, FPD TV was very promising, and hundreds of players entered the market creating fierce competition. Today, we see more business alliances being formed between panel and system makers to take advantage of the new ecology and shorten lead times in the supply chain.”

In these trying times, it becomes increasingly important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the TV supply chain. This year’s TV Supply Chain Conference will bring together leading FPD TV supply chain participants from Europe, North America and Taiwan to discuss the latest topics in the TV supply chain, including panels, semiconductors and TV communication systems—serving as a forum for discussions about TV OEM and supply chain issues, electronic solutions, new TV features and multimedia platforms. Panel discussions during each session will enable speakers and attendees to interact and share expertise and opinions. Attendees will gain a better understanding of current supply chain issues, as well as market drivers influencing the TV industry.

The agenda features TV supply chain and multimedia experts:

Session 1: FPD TV Market, Vision & Development

  • The Latest Technology and Market Dynamics in LCD TV Panels—Dr. Frank Ko, Assistant Vice President, AUO
  • Technology and market dynamics in LCD TV panels, including supply and demand issues, technology roadmaps including 240 Hz, LED backlights, and dynamic contrast ratio, and trends in integration and alliances
  • FPD TV Market Outlook—David Hsieh, Vice President, Greater China, DisplaySearch
  • FPD TV market outlook and DisplaySearch insights about TV development; LCD TV value chain relationship between panel makers and brands in 2010, including LED backlights; points to be watched through the whole TV supply chain
  • Video Processing Developments—Yong S. Choi, Senior Director, NXP
  • NXP’s developments in video processing technology, including a 3D solution for LCD TV, and LED backlight control to improve picture quality
  • The Balance Between Premium TV Brands and the Value of Affordable TVs for Consumers—Ken Lowe, VP of Engineering & Co-Founder, Vizio
  • Balance between premium TV brand and value affordable to consumers; Vizio’s perception of customer demands for LCD TV in terms of features and price; and Vizio’s proposed solution

Session 2: TV Specs & Content Convergence

  • Making TVs Versatile as Home Multimedia Platforms for More Content Sources—Corey Hsieh, Senior Director of Digital TV Division, Mediatek
  • Mediatek’s roadmap and vision for making TV into a versatile home multimedia platform for more content sources
  • TV Feature Trends/Developments Impact on TV Electronics Manufacturers—Wen Li, Chief Marketing Officer, Trident
  • TV feature trends and developments that will help TV electronics manufacturers take the lead in the marketplace; differences in business models between panel makers, IC companies, TV system integrators and brands
  • Challenges and Opportunities for LED Backlight Adoption in LCD TVs—Brian Chen, Research Director, DisplaySearch
  • LED overview; challenges and opportunities for LED backlights in LCD TV; roadmap of panel makers and TV brands in LCD TV with LED backlight
  • Flat Panel Display Light Sensing Solutions Deliver Reduced Power Consumption—Jerry Koontz, Marketing Manager, TAOS
  • Presentation of TAOS’ light-sensing solution, which can be used to control power consumption of display systems, to enhance the consumer experience and system functionality

Session 3: Changing Supply Chain & Ecosystem

  • TV Supply Chain Challenges—Deborah Yang, Research Director, DisplaySearch
  • TV supply chain related issues, including global manufacturing, logistics, panel allocation, OEM business plans and system integrators’ alliances with panel makers; analysis of LCD TV OEMs and possible OEM relationships over the next few years
  • China TV Market Outlook—Bing Zhang, Research Director, DisplaySearch
  • Outlook of the China TV market; including competition, channel activities, and consumption behavior, as well as the outlook for 2010; influence of the growing China TV market on the competition between TV OEMs and panel makers
  • The Evolution of TV Specifications—Calvin Hsieh, Research Director, DisplaySearch
  • Analysis of the evolution of TV specifications along a vertical line for picture quality, and a horizontal line for content convergence; explanation of the effects of this evolution and changes to the TV ecosystem, including TV IC suppliers, ODM makers and brands

Visit the Taiwan TV supply Chain Conference website to register and view the latest agenda.

Attendees are encouraged to register early as the event is projected to sell out. The early bird registration rate is NT$8,500 until November 5. Two-way simultaneous translation is provided for English and Chinese.