An Introduction to VIZIO Plasma TV Technology Find Out Just Why VIZIO Plasma TV's Are Amoung the Best

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By: John C. Alzza
November 11, 2009

Vizio Plasma TVs have become so ubiquitous and quite affordable in the TV shopper's market. Consumers are being swayed by advertising, which often implies they are a symbol of pop culture and an entertainment necessity every household must own. Effective advertising in all forms of media can influence the market and the consumer's purchasing power. But what is a plasma TV? This brief summary will explain why consumers are clamoring for the new age of technology and why Vizio Plasma TV's are amoung the top.

The higher resolution shoppers will find in a Vizio Plasma TV that they are capable of high definition and DTV. It also has adaptable to computer signals, such as SVGA, VGA, and XGA. The versatile aspects are virtually endless.

The scan lines that are visible on a standard television of 10 or 20 years ago are not seen on a plasma TV. Plasma TVs have a a transistor electrode for every point the viewer will see on the screen. The picture on a Vizio Plasma TV is brilliant and clear without the lines of the older models.

The display capacity of the plasma TV consists of more than 16 million colors. The color wheel will emit a picture so detail-oriented; it is never seen on a conventional TV. The Vizio Plasma TV is far superior than the TVs of a decade ago.

The flat screen of a plasma TV has two distinct benefits. The screen is not convex like the older television models. The viewing angle of a Vizio Plasma TV, which is 160 degrees, spreads farther across without picture distortion. The TV is ideal for a larger room and a larger group because it can be viewed from so many angles. Having more than one TV in a larger room is not necessary.

The second benefit, which can be a more important factor, is the space-saving feature. The narrow structure of the Vizio Plasma TV makes placement easier; the bulky, older TVs can take up too much space on a TV stand or table. The depth of the Vizio Plasma TV is so slim that it can actually be hung on a wall instead of placed on a TV stand. Homeowners can benefit from more empty surface area on their furniture, eliminating clutter and making more room for hors d'oeuvre trays!

If pop culture is something a consumer usually considers when making a purchase, a plasma TV is the perfect choice. The resolution, the slim design and large selection available make the Vizio Plasma TV an investment in the future of at-home entertainment.