My Perfect Notion: VIZIO HDTV

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By: M Sarki
December 14, 2009

The economy was suffering and the stock market crashed. My wife and I had already gotten rid of many possessions due to downsizing to a 1000sf apartment. Within eight months we were moving again as apartment living was not the perfect answer after a lifetime of owning our own homes. Now we found ourselves going for an even smaller abode, this one a 625sf apartment in an even older building, deeper into the bowels of Louisville, Kentucky, but the biggest difference was this one did not stink. We were faced with having to get rid of even more possessions, one being our analog behemoth TV, you know the one where the cumbersome rear contraption is twice as deep as the actual screen size. We decided to wait for a while, get used to our new space, and allow me precious time to research things before jumping right into another TV.

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