My Crystal Clear VIZIO HDTV

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By: Ben Levy
December 15, 2009

Recently, my wife and I decided to redo a room in our home that looked like it still existed in the 60s. Complete with wood paneling and bad carpet this room would soon be our two year old daughter's play room. Men typically feel a little surge of excitment when we get to shop for a new TV and I'm no exception. The idea for this room is that we wouldn't break the bank. Its not our main TV watching room. But would be a room that I play video games so the TV had to perform. After some searching I landed on a Vizio HDTV LCD VO37L. This TV is 37 inches, has 1080p, and two HDMI inputs.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose the Vizio LCD VO37L   
1. Great Viewing Picture
2. Highly Competitive Price
3. Enough HDMI to Satisfy

Why Choose the Vizio HDTV?

There are multiple reasons why I chose the Vizio HDTV but the most important reason is the performance value for the price. This TV's picture is so clear I can count grass blades when I watch football. The colors are brilliantly bright and wonderful to view. Its noticeable against the other HDTVs in my home. I've been impressed by the sound the relatively small speakers achieve. The room this TV is in is a small room measuring 10' x 18' and the TV is mounted on the short wall. Perhaps the sound bounces off the walls and achieves a surround sound effect. A beautifully clean sleek black design doesn't hurt my satisfaction either.


I purchased my Vizio through an online retailer ( and was very happy with the price. The TV was delivered to my door for $450. Comparable models with the same number of HDMI inputs and refresh rates were 30% more expensive.

The Vizio HDTV Includes all the Inputs you Need

I use one HDMI input for my FiOS TV and the other for my Xbox 360 input. The refresh rates are more than ample for everything that I use and I consider myself someone who is quite familiar with HD televisions. I purchased my first HD TV in 2001. I haven't used them yet but there are other connections if you want to use it as a big monitor for your computer or only have component inputs.

Downside of the Vizio HDTV

Overall, I would recommend the Vizio HDTV to anyone but I do have a couple of small complaints. The remote is not universal. It is quite simple as far as remote controls go and if you want a single remote to control all of your devices you will have to purchase one after market. The second complaint is also to do with the remote. The infrared receiver must be small because quite often I find myself pushing the button more than once to change the mode or turn off the TV.

I hope you enjoyed my Vizio HDTV review.

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