Vizio TVs 2020: First-ever OLED TV, better 4K TVs and more

Kate Kozuch

Tom's Guide

Vizio is looking to move up from its mid-tier status with its first-ever OLED. Coming in 65- and 55-inch sizes, we expect the Vizio OLED’s performance to be characterized by near-perfect blacks and premium contrast. 

The 44-millimeter thin TV will pack Vizio’s new ProGaming Engine, meaning game console performance will benefit from variable refresh rate technology that automatically adjusts the panel’s refresh rate to match the source device. It also supports AMD FreeSync and 4K gaming at up to 120 Hz.

Right now, price is the big question we’re waiting for Vizio to answer about its OLED. Existing OLEDs in these sizes are rather costly, posing a potential shift in Vizio’s affordable reputation. Perhaps Vizio will deliver the value-priced OLED many have been for.

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