Vizio's first OLED TV is its most impressive set ever

Brian Westover

Vizio is shaking things up with a new offering: The Vizio OLED TV. We're in Vegas for CES, and got an early look at the company's impressive new OLED model, the simply named Vizio 65-inch OLED. Announced the day before the press-conference-filled Media Day before the show starts, this may be one of the TVs we're talking most about during the show. One thing is absolutely clear; Vizio has definitely stepped up its game for 2020.

Vizio has been a strong presence in the value-priced and mid-range TV categories for some time, winning over customers with a combination of low prices, high-quality displays and a streamlined smart TV experience that leverages free content and a built-in Google Chromecast to offer full-featured support without the complexity or expense of other smart TVs. And in the last couple of years, the company has pushed forward on the quality front with quantum dot-enhanced displays that offer more vibrant color and brightness.

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