Vizio’s 2020 lineup includes its biggest TV yet and first-ever OLED

Chris Welch

Vizio is going big at CES 2020 with a lineup of new 4K HDR TVs that are fully optimized for the current and upcoming generations of game consoles from Sony and Microsoft. But the company also has grander ambitions, and is introducing its first TV to feature an OLED panel. So Vizio is now joining LG and Sony in pushing that display technology — though the company is still equally proud of the advancements in its mainstream LCD sets. The OLED might be the new flagship, but Vizio is hoping its got something for everyone in this year’s assortment: the 2020 TV family starts with a budget 40-inch V-Series and, in terms of size, tops out at the 85-inch P-Series Quantum X.

Powering many of those TVs is a new 64-bit, 1GHz ARM processor that Vizio says will enable improved 4K upscaling and color reproduction that’s more accurate than ever before. Upper-end sets will get the “IQ Ultra” processor that includes AI/machine learning picture optimizations. And there’s also what the company calls the “ProGaming Engine,” which will support variable refresh rates, AMD FreeSync, and 4K gaming at up to 120Hz.

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