The Best Soundbars for Your Home Theater

Rolling Stone
By Tim Chan
March 6, 2019

One of the best-selling units in the marketplace, VIZIO’s 36″ 5.1.2. Home Theater Sound System delivers cinema-quality surround sound thanks to Dolby Atmos — the same sound technology found in sonic-driven films like  Star Wars: The Last Jedi  and  Thor . The five-channel soundbar features two, upward-firing speakers, along with two dedicated rear speakers, which combine to provide you with a room full of swirling, dazzling sound. You’re curled up with sound in a 360-degree, multi-dimensional space (up, down and around), rather than having the audio blasted straight out towards you. It’s the difference between flat sound and life-like sound ringing out with clarity, richness and depth.

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