VIZIO’s New $70 Soundbar is a Killer Deal

By Adam Clark Estes
June 12, 2019

Now, there’s a difference between a good deal and a great soundbar. The Vizio 20-inch 2.0 soundbar is only one of those things. It does an admirable job handling TV audio for something so tiny and so affordable. The new Vizio bar even has Bluetooth and DTS Virtual:X, a technology for creating the illusion of three-dimensional sound that you find in more expensive sound bars. But discerning listeners will immediately notice some limitations to what this $70 soundbar can do.

But before we really get into the drawbacks, let’s talk more about what makes Vizio’s cheap new Vizio special. The design, for starters, is pleasantly clever. It looks like Vizio took its also cheap 29-inch 2.0 soundbar and squished it on both ends. What’s left is a surprisingly tiny speaker system that will fit beneath a 29- or 32-inch TV.

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