VIZIO says this is its best TV ever—and we agree
By Michael Desjardin
June 3, 2019

But reader, I won't lie: It's easy to zone out in the testing lab. The parade of TV boxes is often relentless, their styrofoam pieces piling up in the corner of a tiny room lit only by the glow of a color bar test pattern. In 2019, most TVs are good, but few are truly great, and it can be tough to muster up excitement for a cavalcade of competency.

That's why the Vizio P-Series Quantum X  (available at Target for $2,199.99)  struck me like a lightning bolt. Vizio spent the better part of the last decade being the go-to brand for budget-conscious consumers willing to cut some corners, until a few years ago, when its TVs got good enough to start taking swings at the industry's heavy-hitters. The P-Series Quantum X is the culmination of that journey; Vizio says it's the best TV the company's ever released. I'm inclined to agree.

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