VIZIO M658-G1 Review: An Everyman’s 2019 TV At An Everyman’s Price

By Phil Nickinson
June 11, 2019

What they are? A brilliant combination of features, usability and price, resulting in a television that should last years — and at a great value, at that.

What they aren't? A stand-alone unit that doesn't require any additional hardware to fill the gaps that inevitably happen with streaming video.

Or to put it another way — Vizio televisions, including this excellent M658-G1 Quantum they sent over for review — are excellent displays. They have most of the features you want without going overboard and jacking up the price in the process. The M658-G1 is at the upper limit until you get into Vizio's pricier range, for sure. But you can buy this without any sort of remorse.

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