How William Wang and VIZIO are Bringing TV Into the 21st Century

By Alan Wolk 
June 27, 2019

“The interface is the most important feature right now,” he says. “When we talk to our consumers, the one thing they complain about most is the remote and how difficult it is to use the remote to find something to watch. But if we want to get rid of the remote—and we do—then we need to improve the interface so that people are getting much better recommendations every time they turn on the TV.”

In order to do that, VIZIO is turning to Inscape, its wholly-owned data collection arm. Inscape collects viewership data from over 11 million opted-in VIZIO smart TVs. VIZIO licenses household-based viewership data to TV and measurement companies who are looking to provide viewers with more relevant programming and advertising. But it also uses that data for its own purposes.

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