VIZIO P-Series (2019) PX65-G1 Review – Almost An OLED

Nirave Gondhia

I love Vizio's range of sound bars, but for years I disregarded the company's TVs in favor of an LG OLED TV. I've used OLED TVs since I moved to the US a few years ago, and even the best from Samsung and Sony have failed to displace my trusty OLED.

At CES way back in January of this year, I saw Vizio's Quantum range of TVs up close and personal, and the Vizio P Series Quantum X finally struck me as a TV that could move me away from OLEDs. I've now used it for two months. And while Vizio's top TV for 2019 is pricey, but there's a lot to like about it.

It has 384 local dimming zones, which result in the most incredible blacks, and the wide color gamut produces an incredible array of color. Chromecast and Google Assistant are baked into the TV, which also comes closest to the dystopian future of a TV that's integrated into your smart home.

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