Here Are All the VIZIO TVs Coming in 2019
By Lee Neikirk
January 7, 2019

The top model in Vizio's 2019 lineup and successor to the beloved 2018 P-Series Quantum, the P-Series Quantum X claims to be Vizio's brightest TV ever, reaching 2,900 nits thanks to its full-array local dimming backlight. During hands-on time, Vizio stated that the Quantum X has something like 480 local dimming zones, which puts it head-and-shoulders above last year's P-Series Quantum where zone count is concerned.

Naturally, the Quantum X will utilize a 120 Hz refresh rate and the quantum dot color enhancement that gives the series its name. Vizio will also continue to offer the original P-Series Quantum, which looks like it will be very similar to last year's model. The P-Series Quantum replaces the non-Quantum "P-Series," meaning the top-shelf P-Series is still split into two different series, only both deliver quantum dots, large amounts of dimming zones, high refresh rates, and high-end designs.

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