VIZIO P-Series Quantum (PQ65-F1) 4K/UHD Review

By Theo Nicolakis
April 15, 2019

There's never been a better time to buy a 4K/UHD. And I can't think of a better display to recommend under $2,000 than Vizio's P-Series Quantum.

Before I get too far ahead, I should note that we're actually going to cover two TVs in this review: Vizio's flagship, the 65-inch P-Series Quantum TV (model PQ65-F1) and its step-down sibling, the 65-inch P-Series TV (model P65-F1). Our primary focus (and review rating) will focus on the P-Series Quantum. Both TVs live up to Vizio's high performance, high value reputation.

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