VIZIO P-Series Quantum Review: A More Affordable Alternative to OLED with a Superb Picture

By David Katzmaier
October 24, 2018

Vizio's P-Series Quantum is something special. It's hands-down Vizio's best TV ever, and one of the best-performing LCD TVs I've ever tested from any brand. It's only available in a 65-inch size, model PQ65-F1. And the list price is expensive for a Vizio at $2,100.

At that price you're close to 65-inch OLED TV territory. The Quantum isn't as good as LG's cheapest 2018 OLED, the B8 series, nor is it as good as LG's 2017 OLED models, which are still around and cost around the same as the Quantum right now. If you have that kind of money to rub together for a new TV, just bite the bullet and get an OLED.

But discounts are a wonderful thing. Like many other TVs the Quantum will likely get a significant price cut soon for the Black Friday and holiday buying season. In fact it already had one, going down to $1,500 at club stores Sam's Club and Costco in late August through mid-September. I expect a similar sale price to hit in the near future.

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