5 Best 4K TVs of 2018

By Staff
October 18, 2018

If you are concerned about the possibility of burn-in on the LG B8, the Vizio P Series Quantum is the best LED LCD 4K TV we’ve tested so far. The P Series Quantum is an extremely versatile TV. It looks almost as good as the B8 in a dark room thanks to the excellent native contrast ratio and great local dimming feature.

It also performs extremely well in a bright room and it is one of the brightest TVs on the market. Unfortunately, the Quantum doesn’t have the same wide viewing angles as the OLED LG B8, so it isn’t as good if you like to move around while watching TV.

Unfortunately, like most Vizio TVs, the P Series Quantum has limited smart features. It has a limited selection of native apps, and although they work well and cover most needs, there is no app store and no possibility to add apps yourself. Overall, it is an outstanding 4K TV that should please most people.

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