VIZIO'S WatchFree is a Streaming Service Aimed Squarely At Cord Cutters

Tech Radar
By Nick Pino
August 2, 2018

For a TV manufacturer, Vizio is always coming up with good ways to cut cable out of the equation – SmartCast, Vizio's latest smart platform, is built around the premise of using your phone or tablet to Cast content to the big screen. 

To continue that trend of sticking it to the cable providers, today Vizio announced a new pack-in feature called WatchFree that puts Pluto TV on every VizioSmartCast TV free of charge. 

Pluto TV and, by extension WatchFree, help new cord-cutters transition away from the narrow, gilded confines of cable TV by offering a streaming TV experience that looks and acts similar. WatchFree will show up like any regular source along the bottom of the screen, there are defined channels and a TV guide function that looks an awful lot like what you’d see with a Time Warner or Verizon cable box. 

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