5 Best Sonos Beam Alternatives

The Droid Guy
By Brad
August 21, 2018

First up on our list is the Vizio SB2821. This soundbar is on a 2.1 Channel, so you do get a subwoofer with it. Connect the soundbar up to your TV wired or wirelessly and you’ll get excellent sound quality with it. The subwoofer provides a booming, and rich bass that makes movie and music listening a super rich experience. The Vizio SB2821 is able to quickly and easily connect up to your smartphone as well, so if you want to change music streaming sources, you can with a simple Bluetooth connection. The Vizio SB2821 is able to produce some fairly loud sound as well, allowing you to turn up the volume all the way up to 95dB. The Vizio SB2821 actually comes with its own remote, so you can quickly alter the volume and different sound settings quickly and easily. Once you setup this soundbar you’ll immediately notice the rich and immersive sound experience that you have been missing out on.

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