VIZIO'S M65-E0 is Your Gateway to 4K

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By Jason Messer
September 26, 2017

There’s no denying it; 4K is a thing now. While I have to admit that I’ve remained skeptical these last few years as the ultra-HD market took shape, I’ve come to realize I can no longer hold out. I cautiously watched as this new budding market began to gain traction, after witnessing the 3DTV fad rise and fall quickly. Actually, “fall” is a generous term. Crater is a more accurate description. But now, it’s apparent that all signs are pointing towards the end of 1080p being the measuring stick of video excellence. It would appear 4K has now risen to take the crown. So be it, I say. All hail the new ruler of HD. I now am one of your loyal subjects!

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