Viewing the VIZIO M-Series XLED 2017 TV with 4K and HDR (review)

Nerd Reactor
By John Nquyen
September 26, 2017

It’s never a dull moment in the land of television sets, as technology gets bigger and better. Consumers have been adapting to 1080 HDTVs, and the next step is, of course, 4K HDR TVs. I was able to check out the Vizio M series XLED 2017 display (M50-E1) with 4K and HDR, courtesy of Vizio. After testing this out, I can say that once you go 4K and HDR, it will be hard to go back. And with Smartcast and Chromecast already built-in, there is plenty of 4K/HDR content for you to play with.

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