VIZIO Showcases 2017 TVs, Crave Wireless Multi-Room Speakers and SmartCast Sound Bars in New York Event

By Frank Labonte
May 2, 2017

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a VIZIO event to showcase the company’s 2017 product lineup. VIZIO rented the entire floor of a hotel in New York City and set up various displays and demonstrations throughout.  Not surprisingly, the demonstrations began with TVs, which are clearly a staple of the company’s product line. In particular, VIZIO set up 2017 M-Series and P-Series displays along with a Google Home voice-activated speaker system. The VIZIO displays and Google Assistant interacted seamlessly. VIZIO staff and visitors were able to control the TV beautifully, with natural voice commands. The voice control was responsive and accurate, somewhat reminiscent of the computer on the starship Enterprise.  Furthermore, the displays also integrated flawlessly with VIZIO’s SmartCast Mobile app. This app allows you to turn your smartphone into a powerful touchscreen remote, and lets you stream content to the big screen and control other apps.

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