VIZIO finally releases a new 4K HDR TV for this year, the 2017 E-Series
By Stephen
March 1, 2017

One of the great things about Vizio is that it’s one of the best manufacturers out there of high quality 4K TVs with numerous premium specs but at prices that are remarkably affordable. This was especially the case in the company’s 2016 lines of televisions,of which the single best model we reviewed was the downright excellent P-Series HDR lineup.

Given this sort of “pedigree”, and the somewhat recent news that Vizio is now owned by Chinese electronics maker LeEco, (which also recently released the budget Super4 HDR 4K TV lineup) we were definitely excited to see what Vizio would come up with in 2017. This meant a dose of disappointment when CES 2017 came and went in January without any new TVs unveiled under the Vizio brand. Now however, the company that brought us the superb 2016 P, M, D and E-Series 4K HDR TVs has finally revealed a 2017 E-Series model with more cool specs than ever before.

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